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I Hate This Love Song

I can't believe I haven't updated in ages. 



That's livejournal for you. xD;

Coolest place in the world, but...you just can't keep track of it.

Personally, I'm more of a spazzing-on-tumblr-sort of person now.

Thank God for K-Pop and BIG BANG, if I might say so myself. ; u ;

K......I think that's enough of that.



Writer's Block: Thanks for the Input

Original WB Question: What's the worst piece of advice you've ever received?

And I quote...

"You should cosplay Choji from Naruto."

Now, I'm fat. IRL friends, great job for knowing this. xD

But, the sitch was that my friend who told me this, totally didn't mean it in a malicious way. He's just a dumbass, there's quite the difference.

Love you, Kev~ xD

-fangasm/reflection time-

Never in my life have I ever REALLY thought about smoking or cigarettes. All I knew previously was that they were terrible for your health and well being. 

My father and mother used to be avid smokers. But my mother gave them up when she had me, and my father gave them up when I was eight. Since my parents both have lung problems, it really backs me away from even thinking about lighting up once.

Well, this picture really makes me change my thinking. Look at that Kame. That hot badass piece of...asian cheesecake.

And it's really odd to think that back before people knew the dangers of cigarettes, that just a celebrity or a beautiful person holding up the pack would make someone think, 'OH, THESE GOTTA BE GOOD. I'M GONNA LOOK LIKE THESE FAMOUS/BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE IF I SMOKE 'EM. MUST BUY, MUST BUY, MUUSSSSST BUYYYY.' Ah, I'm glad things like these don't phase me.


Aw, who am I kidding? -grabs a pack of filterless Camels- SOMEONE GOT A LIGHT? ANYONE?


By the way, this is not a campaign for cigarettes. This is from the September 2009 issue of Popeye magazine. At least, that's what I think...xD

Picture credit goes to kokoro_chi 

A little random thing I found...<333

I just love Hello Kitty, and wanted to give you guys the chance that if anyone else wanted to get one of these, you all could get one too!


Avvie credit goes to nala_b ...

A gift for Sachi...

Title: Kamenashi Kazuya's Day Off...
Pairing: Akame with the slightest mention of Jin-Jin's Date...
Rating: PG-16   (Just to be safe...<3)
Genre: Romance with a side of Comedy
Disclaimer: I do not own anything mentioned in this fiction. Not the ending theme from Kannazuki no Miko or anything Johnny's related.
Summary: The KAT-TUN Gang have a day off. Kame and Jin have a nice day together.
Acknowledgements: Thank you to my wonderful BETA Kana and to Sachi, whom I'm happy that she liked her Birthday Present
Note: This is my first Slash!Fic, so be kind...if possible...<3333


We lay the scene in the life of Kamenashi Kazuya, a Japanese idol. His daily schedule is as follows: get up, shower, brush his teeth, go to work, perform several idolism tasks, go home, eat, sleep, and repeat. Everyday is mostly the same for Kame, except today. Today, Kame awoke an hour later than usual for reasons unknown to him.

    As soon as he got up, he dragged himself over to his bathroom, where he found his bathroom a little different than he had left it the night before. Kame was sure the mirror had no steam on it then, and there were no puddles of water on the black tile, and there was a small white towel left on the rack, which was currently missing. Kame stood there for a few seconds, pondering what had gone on in his bathroom. Was there a serial shower user on the loose? Did Johnny climb in is bathroom window so he could experience the wonders of his shower? Or did the fangirls finally get his address?
    “Kazu-chaaaan!” A joyous voice rang from down the hall. “I hope you don’t mind me using your bathroom! I also turned off your alarm.”

      Kame recognized the owner of the voice and turned toward him. Akanishi Jin, his friend, coworker, and crush stood in the middle of the hallway, and, he was dressed in nothing but that small white towel. The terry fabric clung dangerously to his perfect hips, as droplets of water trailed from his shoulders, and slowly danced over his abs. Kame quickly clapped his hand over his mouth, attempting not to scream something lewd. He giggled, and looked into Jin’s god-like face.

      “Ano…Jin!?!” Kame squeaked from behind his hand. “Um, why are you…here?”
      Jin strolled down the hall and into the kitchen, “I woke up about an hour ago and decided to come to your place and take a shower, because yours is nice, and I didn’t feel like waking up my date.”
      Kame’s face paled back to its normal hue. His date? Oh, joy. He’s only using me for my shower.
      Jin grabbed an apple from the counter and bit into it. “I also felt like seeing you, since we have a day off today!”
      Kame blinked. “A day off?”
      “Yeah!” Jin yelled. “Didn’t you hear it from Uepi? Maru decided that we needed a day off, and the rest of us, well, except you, took him up on the offer! So, we’ve got a nice long day together!”
      A nice…long…WAIT. Us? Kame contemplated Jin’s words, sighing. “Well, that’s nice.”
      “So, whattaya want to do?” Jin said, his mouth full of apple.
      “Um…I really don’t know. I was planning on my normal schedule, but I guess we could do something else…”
      “Okay! I’ll get changed, and we’ll go out!” Jin dashed down the hall, and into Kame’s room, shutting the door behind him.

      Kame sat on a chair and rested his hand on his neck, and wondered what the events of the day would be like. Sure, he and Jin would go somewhere, probably get spotted, then the chase scene from the Beatles’ A Hard Day’s Night would ensue, and after hours of running and hiding in amusing places, they would both get home, dripping with sweat, and panting. Then, Jin would ask Kame if he could spend the night, and Kame would nod slowly. As they gaze into each other’s eyes, they would draw closer and closer to each other—

      “KAZU!” Jin bonked Kame on the head, which nearly sent him tumbling to the ground. “C’mon! Get ready!”

      Kame quickly collected himself, forgetting his thoughts from before, and wandered to the bathroom. Almost fifteen minutes later, Jin and Kame finally left the house and turned the street corner, in street clothes, sunglasses, and hats. When they finally reached the downtown area, they wandered throughout the shops. They managed to get through the stores where there were huge posters of KAT-TUN, and other Johnny’s groups put up everywhere without anyone noticing them, which made Jin and Kame crack up.

      After a few hours of walking, Jin and Kame made their way to a sushi bar, where they ordered some eel and crab. Jin had the bright idea of wanting to feed Kame, much to his reluctance. While aiming for his mouth, Jin’s hand slipped, and the eel made its way down Kame’s shirt, while the chopsticks got stuck in Kame’s nose. He leaped from his seat, jiggling around to get the sushi out, but one chopstick remained lodged in his nose. When Kame finally realized that the chopstick was in his nose, he glared down at Jin, who was laughing and clapping his hands like a child. Nonetheless, all the patrons in the restaurant stared. More shopping, walking, and joking had followed their light lunch.

      It was 7:00pm when Kame and Jin had returned to Kame’s apartment. He looked up the stairs to his apartment, and then back to Jin. He really didn’t know what to do. How was he to ask his friend, ‘Would you like to go upstairs with me?' Wouldn’t that be too forward? What would Jin think? All he’d probably think is, ‘Oh, sure! I’d love to go upstairs to do some friend-oriented stuff!’ not, ‘Why yes, Kazu-chan. I’d love to go to your den of sin…’

      “Kazu-chan!” Jin called over to him, “Are you dozing off?”
      “Oh, um…no, why would you ask?” He smiled, scratching his neck.
      “You were looking up to the door with a zombie-like expression, that’s why,” Jin poked him.
      “Oh, well, I have been quite out of it, lately.” Kame said, “I guess it’s the new drama… it’s been taking a toll on my sanity.”
      “Yeah, really…me, too,” Jin gave a reassuring smile.
      “Well, I’d better be getting upstairs! See you tomorrow, Jin!” Kame waved to him, and grabbed the railing of his stoop.

      Kame had reached the fourth concrete step when Jin grabbed his arm. He stopped and looked down at him. Jin looked up at Kame with an insatiable hunger in his eyes. Kame drew back, and Jin followed. Up the steps they went, until they made it to the door. But now he had a problem. Kame had backed himself into the door, and Jin was right in front of him. He peered into his eyes for only a moment, and then Jin’s eyes closed. Kame felt Jin’s soft lips press onto his and he, too, closed his eyes.

      He quickly kicked the door open, and pulled Jin up the stairs to the kitchen, where they both kicked off their shoes, but continued to kiss with passion. Jin almost couldn’t stop himself from throwing him onto the floor, but Kame restrained him by grabbing his arm. He giggled, and Jin followed him right down the hall to his bedroom, where the door soon found itself locked.
The Next Morning…

      “Mitsumeatta isshun ga sennen no kioku wo koe, Hikari ni kawaru…” A muffled noise sang from somewhere in the room.

      It was morning, and the sun had made its way through the thin curtains that hung around the window. Kame’s bedroom was rather messy, with clothes strewn everywhere. In the bed, Kame’s head peeked out of the sheets that lined his mattress. He quickly sat up, and grabbed his jeans from the floor, rifling through the pockets to find his cell phone. He felt a light tap on his shoulder, and looked back at Jin who smiled as the rest of the Kannazuki no Miko ending played with Kame’s cell in his hand. He took it with a smile, and flipped it open.

      “Moshi-moshi…” Kame giggled, as Jin lightly kissed his neck.
      “Kazu…WHERE ARE YOU?” A grouchy voice screamed from the other end of the line.
      “Oh, good morning, Koki!” Kame said, smiling wider as Jin nipped on his earlobe. “Shh! S-Stop! U-Um, how are you?”
      “…” Koki was silent for a moment. “Oh, um…I’m fine. I would just like to know one thing. WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?”
      Kame stared over at his alarm clock. It was 11:00am, and he and Jin were supposed to meet the rest of the guys two hours earlier. “Oh…I’m sorry, Koki. But I need to take another day off.”
      “Another!?!” Ueda grabbed Koki’s phone, much to his displeasure.
      “Yes, Uepi.” Kame sighed.
      “Awwww, Kazu-chaaaan!” Ueda whined, “We need to work on the new song!”
      “Yeah, I know, but I’m not feeling too well!” Kame faked a few coughs, “I think I have a little cold…”
      Taguchi grabbed the phone. “Well, feel better, Kazu. I guess we could all take another one of Maru’s lazy days…”
“I TOLD YOU THEY WERE USEFUL!” Maru yelled from the background.
Kame sighed, “Well, I gotta go.”
      “Kazu!” Koki yelled.
      “Yeah-huh…?” Kame asked.
      “Do you know where Jin is?” He inquired, “He didn’t show up today, either.”

      Kame felt Jin playing with his hair lovingly. He smiled as well, realizing how just one messed up day could turn out so wonderfully. Kame grabbed Jin’s chin, kissing him yet again. The phone had slipped out of Kame’s hand and soon was entangled in the sheets. After only a moment of passion, Kame remembered he was still on the line with Koki. He put his phone back to his ear.

      “Jin said he wasn’t feeling too well, either.” Kame lied “When we came home from shopping yesterday, he said he had a stomach ache, and he wanted to go home. But, I was pretty sure he had gone back to his date’s house. He was heading in the exact opposite direction.”
      “Oh, okay,” Koki sighed, “I’ll call him later, then. See you tomorrow, Kazu-chan! Feel better!”
      In the background, Kame could hear the rest of the troupe yelling, “BYE, KAZU!!!”
      “Bye, guys,” Kame grinned, flipping the phone shut. He pressed down the off button as well, and threw it back into his jeans, which were promptly thrown across the room.
      “So, where were we?” Jin asked Kame, with a devilish grin.
      “Hmm…here.” Kame rose from the bed, crossing the room. He quickly closed the heavier shades, which made the room much darker.
      “Hmm…mood lighting. I like it.” Jin laughed, positioning Kame on top of him.
      “Do you think they know about us?” He asked.
      “Us?” Jin asked, a wide grin spreading across his face, “Not a chance.”

      As Kame and Jin kissed, the day seemed to fade away as any other with a lover would. As the day went on, they made love, held each other, and generally stayed in bed. They knew they would’t have that days like this often, but for whatever reason they had, off days or not, both were determined that they would spend whatever time they had together. This was the way it was always going to stay, and nobody could spoil it.

      “O-Ooh, Jin!” Kame giggled from under the sheets, with anticipation in his voice.
      “What’re you going to do now?”
      “Mmm, oh, Kame…just take a guess…” Jin panted.
      “OOOOH, JIN!” He moaned, rolling around in bed. “Oh, Jin--”

      Kame looked up in shock, seeing a very confused Johnny Kitagawa, wearing a long bathrobe, and holding a towel to his hair, standing in the doorway. Jin, who was straddling Kame, gasped, and covered both of them with the sheets. Johnny stood motionless for a second, then turned quickly, averting his eyes, and hanging his head in shame.

      “I-I’m sorry. I was just using the shower! I didn’t mean to interrupt anything! I know I shouldn’t use it, but your shower’s so nice! I-I-I just thought you and Jin were in distress, I SWEAR!” Johnny ran from the room in a panic.

      Well, maybe one person could spoil it.

The End...?

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